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CAS 10418-03-8 Muscle Mass Steroid Powder Oral Progesterone Stanozolol Winstrol For Gaining Lean Muscle

Good quality Trenbolone Powder for sales
Good quality Trenbolone Powder for sales
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CAS 10418-03-8 Muscle Mass Steroid Powder Oral Progesterone Stanozolol Winstrol For Gaining Lean Muscle

China CAS 10418-03-8 Muscle Mass Steroid Powder Oral Progesterone Stanozolol Winstrol For Gaining Lean Muscle supplier
CAS 10418-03-8 Muscle Mass Steroid Powder Oral Progesterone Stanozolol Winstrol For Gaining Lean Muscle supplier CAS 10418-03-8 Muscle Mass Steroid Powder Oral Progesterone Stanozolol Winstrol For Gaining Lean Muscle supplier

Large Image :  CAS 10418-03-8 Muscle Mass Steroid Powder Oral Progesterone Stanozolol Winstrol For Gaining Lean Muscle

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LANDMARK
Certification: GMP&USP32
Model Number: HPLC verfied

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10G
Price: Competitive
Packaging Details: Aluminium Foil Bag
Delivery Time: Within 24 hrs after payment collected
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin & Bank Wire
Supply Ability: 10-500kg / Month
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Detailed Product Description
Color: White State: Solid
Purity: 99% Name: Stanozolol Winstrol
High Light:

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Muscle mass steroid CAS 10418-03-8 Stanozolol raw powder 99% purity for gaining lean muscle for bodybuilders


CAS 10418-03-8 Muscle Mass Steroid Powder Oral Progesterone Stanozolol Winstrol For Gaining Lean Muscle


Winstrol Profile


Molecular Weight: 344.5392
Molecular Formula: C22H36N2O
Effective Dose (men): (oral) 25-50mgs/day, (injectable) 50mg every other day to daily
Effective Dose (women): (oral) 5-10mgs/day, (injectable) 20mg every 4 days
Active Life: (oral) 8 hours, (injectable) slightly less than 24 hours
Detection Time: (oral) 3 weeks, (injectable) 9 weeks
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 320:30


Effects of Winstrol


The effects of Winstrol are more than welcomed by most performance enhancing athletes. From gains in strength to enhanced and superb conditioning the effects of Winstrol have something for just about everyone. A solid DHT derived anabolic steroid, Winstrol is one of the few anabolic steroids that can be used by both men and women, making it one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time. Of course, this steroid is not without downsides, for if you put something in your body, no matter what it is there’s always a potential risk for adverse side-effects. Available in an oral tablet as well as an injectable solution, in either case the hormone is the same, and with responsible use can benefit almost any athlete tremendously.


Winstrol Cycle


Stanozolol is great for off-season cycles because the way it increases strength it will help increase mass. an increase in strength can help you increase mass, but at the same time strength and mass do not go hand-in-hand. Take for example the anabolic steroid Halotestin, there is no steroid that will increase strength like Halotestin, but it will do absolutely nothing to promote mass. In many ways the same can be said of Winstrol. While it will increase strength it will not increase mass in any direct manner; it is simply not designed for this purpose. However, it can create a nice synergetic effect, largely by the way it works regarding SHBG. Even so, due to its toxic nature and due to it being a relatively poor mass builder, a Winstrol cycle is best served for cutting or for enhancing direct athletic performance.


Winstrol Doses


1. Male Off-Season Winstrol Doses

The Stanozolol hormone is not one of the better off-season steroids; it is simply not a mass builder. However, some will use it for this purpose as it will dramatically lower SHBG and create a nice synergetic effect with other steroids being used. Further, although there is no hard proof, many performance enhancers have reported use during an off-season cycle will help solidify gains, and if this is true it can be a welcomed effect. Even so, we must remember this is a fairly liver toxic steroid, and with that in mind it is best served during other cycles so as not to cause too much undue stress to the liver. In any case, if you decide to use Stanozolol for your off-season cycle you will find it best served at the end. Winstrol doses in the 50mg every other day range for approximately 4-6 weeks will be more than enough to create the effect you’re looking for in any man.


2. Female Off-Season Winstrol Doses

While Stanozolol is not the greatest mass builder for the male performance enhancer, we can’t say the same for females. Females are far more sensitive to the steroid, and while it will primarily benefit them in other cycles it will be far more beneficial to females when bulking than compared to men. If the female can tolerate 10mg per day Winstrol doses this will undoubtedly pack on some nice lean tissue, but some may be too sensitive and be forced to keep it at 10mg every other day. At any rate, even at this lower dose, if virilization symptoms begin to show you are encouraged to discontinue use. If you ignore the symptoms, you may find they become a permanent problem.


Male Cutting Winstrol Doses


The cutting period is the best time period for a man to supplement with Winstrol; in-fact, it can be one of the best cutting steroids of all. To obtain a truly lean and granite like physique, Stanozolol can definitely be part of the total answer. Most men will find Winstrol doses of 50mg per day for the last 6-8 weeks of the cycle to be perfect. For those who are competing in a bodybuilding contest, it is not a bad idea to increase the dose to 100mg per day the last 10-14 days before the show. This is not a dose we want to run for a long period of time, for such a dose for weeks on end will cause too much stress to the liver, and if your liver is not healthy you are not healthy.


Female Cutting Winstrol Doses


Without question, Anavar is the ultimate anabolic steroid for women, but Winstrol can be a reasonable choice too. The odds of adverse side-effects are higher with Winstrol than compared to Anavar, but the majority of women who supplement responsibly will be just fine. Women who supplement with this steroid for cutting purposes will receive the same benefits as men. Their physique will be leaner and harder, and they will preserve a lot of tissue and strength that is often lost with hard dieting. To achieve this end, the vast majority of female users will only need Winstrol doses of a 10mg every other day range, with 5-6 weeks of use being more than sufficient.



Athletic Performance Winstrol Doses


By its nature, the Stanozolol hormone can significantly increase strength. For this reason, Winstrol has for decades been a favorite of many athletes; after all, when it comes to sports, strength and speed is the name of the game. Most men who supplement for this purpose will find Winstrol doses of 25mg-50mg every other day to be just about perfect. For the female athlete, 10mg every other day will suffice. For the athlete looking to supplement, such Winstrol doses will provide the boost in strength and speed they are looking for without adding a lot of lean tissue that might be a hindrance, especially as it pertains to prying eyes.


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