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What is PCT and Why It’s so Important in Steroid Cycles

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What is PCT and Why It’s so Important in Steroid Cycles
What is PCT and Why It’s so Important in Steroid Cycles

PCT or post cycle therapy is a phrase that every steroid user has heard at least ones. Because there’s no talk about steroid cycles without mentioning running a PCT. Unfortunately, not all steroid users are fully aware of the importance of PCT and while some of them misuse it, others ignore it at all.


For this reason, we want to talk about PCT in the finest details: what is pct, what is pct steroids, what is its main goal, what to expect and maybe the key question for many of you, how to implement it properly.


More than this, there are cases when PCT is not required at all. We will shed light on situations when using a post cycle therapy would cause more harm than good and conversely, advise you about cycles when the use of PCT is imperative.

What is Post Cycle Therapy for Steroids?

Post cycle therapy is the process that starts when a steroid cycle comes to an end and consist of supplementation with various drugs to help control your levels of estrogen, normalize testosterone level and speed up recovery time.


When taking AAS, our natural testosterone production is suppressed. The degree anabolic androgenic steroids shoot down testosterone production vary from one compound to another, and if you don’t keep a close eye on your estrogen and progesterone levels they can go wild causing serious health problems, such as gynecomastia or high blood pressure.


There is a range of medication that can be taken during steroid cycling to keep estrogen and progesterone levels within normal limits, but the testosterone production will continue to be altered.


And when you cease steroid use, natural testosterone production is still down and you need to help your body get back to normal again. So, the main purpose of PCT is to stimulate testosterone production, helping to keep gains made during a cycle and stay healthy.


How PCT Works?

First of all, a PCT delivers great results when steroids have been used properly. If you damaged your HPTAbyh misusing AAS than don’t expect PCT to treat this. Also, be aware that PCT help to restore testosterone production, but don't expect to bring it to the levels it was before getting involved in steroids use.


With all this in mind and assuming that you have run you steroid cycle properly, here’s how PCT works: it stimulates your pituitary to create more LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) which in result activate testicles to create more testosterone. As simple as this.


Do you have any idea how long it may take to our body to recover without implementing PCT? A year or even longer is needed for natural testosterone levels to get back into normal limits. The main problem is that having low testosterone levels for so long time might lead to a range of low testosterone conditions and put at risk your health in general.


On the other hand, when a PCT is implemented, the testosterone level is slowly increasing, helping your body to function normally. And by this shortening recovery time and making the steroid cycle successful.


No Need to Run a PCT if You:

Plan to be off-cycle for less than 12 weeks.

The reason behind this recommendation is that there’s no need to stimulate your natural testosterone production when only in few weeks it will be suppressed again. It’s a huge pressure on your body that may turn into serious damages.


Running a PCT would also be beneficial for a faster recovery. What to take? Clomid, for example. Start with 300 mg of it on the first day of cycling split into three intakes, and continue with 50 mg/day for the next 4 weeks. Simple but still very efficient for a full recovery.

Running a PCT is Mandatory When:

Planning to be off-cycle for a long period of time, at least 12 weeks.


If you are about to take a pause of at least 12 weeks or 3 months, then having a PCT is required. Contrary to the reason stated above, such an extended period of time will allow your body to recover and bring up testosterone level while AAS are getting out of your system. A smooth transition that translates into more muscle preserved and a healthy return to your normal life.

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