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The simplest tools to mix HGH

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The simplest tools to mix HGH
The simplest tools to mix HGH

Part 1: The simplest tools to mix HGH

------ Enjoyable mixing at home



When the HGH in liquid form, its molecules are very fragile. From the freeze-dried powder into liquid form, what kind of water we should use, what syringe is more suitable, how to mix, there is seems too many tips and precautions, now follow me, the details are below:


Firstly choose syringe:

Although the HGH could be injected with any type and size of syringe, the most suitable is Insulin type syringes, because of the one with 100 markings on the side. It will make it easier and accurate to determine the dosage of HGH.


The simplest tools to mix HGH


Secondly, choose the water to mix HGH, there are several types, such as sterile bacteriostatic water(0.9% sodium chloride), normal saline (0.9% NaCl), water containing 0.9% (9 mg/mL) of benzyl alcohol and plain sterile water.

Except for the plain sterile water, the others could be easily found in drugstore or pharmacy. Now let talk making plain sterile water by own.

1. Prepare cleanest drinkable bottled water (preferably in a glass bottle),

2. Prepare a reusable plastic cup for the small glass bottle,

3. Put the small glass bottle and the plastic cap into a #1pot of water and boil it for a few minutes (sterilization and make the plastic cap and glass bottle sterile),

4. Boil your drinkable bottled water in another pot at the same time,

5. When both pots are boiling, take the glass bottle and plastic cap out from the #1pot, put the glass bottle upright and pour the boiling water from the #2pot. Seal the glass bottle with the plastic cap and let it cool down to the room temperature.

The simplest tools to mix HGH

After the above steps, the plain sterile water is ready. Now the mixing preparation fully finished.

The simplest tools to mix HGH



Part 2: 6steps to successfully mix the HGH


Continue our topic on mix HGH, after the Part1 preparation, now we start to mix the HGH:

Step1: Remove the plastic cap from the glass bottle and clean the plastic cap with a medical alcohol pad/swab.

Step2: Take an insulin syringe and take in 1 ml of plain sterile water (marked100).

Step3: Clean the rubber cap of the HGH vial with a medical alcohol pad/swab.

Step4: Push the needle through the rubber cap of the HGH vial with needle inclined so that the sterile water should slide down the inside wall of the HGH vial. Don’t inject directly into the powder with force, rather than let the sterile water slide down slowly.

Step5: After injecting the sterile water(1ml) into the HGH vial, wait a minute for the white powder dissolving, sometimes there will be some lumps left over. Don’t shake the vial in order to get dissolved all of them. If you hurry up, you could gently roll the vial between your fingers. Also, you could put the vial in the refrigerator for 15 - 30 minutes to dissolve completely.

Step6: Before taking in the HGH liquid into the insulin syringe, pls make the air inside the syringe slowly into the HGH vial without making the liquid bubble, then gently make the vial turns between your fingers.



Now you should be clear about how to mix the HGH, let start, welcome discuss with me about your own mixing experience. More details on HGH, steroids, SARMS, if you interest, also welcome communicate with me.


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