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Something About Trenbolone You Have To Know

Good quality Trenbolone Powder for sales
Good quality Trenbolone Powder for sales
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Something About Trenbolone You Have To Know
Something About Trenbolone You Have To Know

A lot of people are fearful when trying trenbolone for the first time. , but in fact, each of these steroids is terrible for the newbie, isn't it? Trenbolone from the price terms are acceptable, and it is such a powerful substance. If you don't participate in the competition, there is no need to add any dose of the drug too high, I will explain further below.


First of all, trenbolone increases muscle and fat has very good results

Do not know why people always say trenbolone is only useful before the season. Actually, trenbolone has five times anabolic effects than testosterone which brings very good results for any cycles. Mostly the reason people using trenbolone side effects are due to the high dosage, it is fucking silly to take it as testosterone, trenbolone should be taken alone in a standard dose. It should be based on the specific nature of anabolic steroids, there is no need to use in your first cycle 500 mg weekly, actually, I recommend dosage much lower than this. Keep in mind that this is a very strong material, you don't need to constantly increase the dose to get the effect, in fact, relatively low doses can be very considerable.

For the newbie, I think 200 mg per week would be more reasonable. Weekly dosage above 400 mg trenbolone can bring considerable growth without producing unnecessary side effects.


Trenbolone is naturally a kind of progesterone hormone, meaning that it will not be aromatic and will not be broken down into two oxygen testosterone compounds. And this nature makes it doesn't like water retention, high blood pressure this type of side effect. But progesterone hormones can cause the secretion of prolactin, which can lead to unpleasant side effects for men. The most common erectile dysfunction due to trenbolone, this is because the hormone prolactin inhibits sex drive to a large extent. But prolactin can also cause tramp milk, it will promote the growth of breast tissue. Most of the men would not happen to this problem, but some people are sensitive to male breast hypertrophy.


The answers to some questions:


Q: People say that trenbolone is a very dangerous substance, why is that?

A: Trenbolone has this reputation mostly because it will bring some side effects of other steroids will not. It includes night sweats, insomnia, sleep disorders, cardiovascular function in a heart rate increase and damage with sweat. Trenbolone has a very strong anabolic function as well as a strong characteristic of androgen, this can make people irritable and aggressive. It seems nothing, but in fact, it really needs to be aware of the side effects, after all, the impulse is the devil. If you decide to use, make sure that you maintain a stable flat state, and must control the dose. As long as the control side effects dose should not be a problem.


Q: Trenbolone will reduce heart and lung functions, what am I supposed to do?

A: This problem did exist, while larger and more obvious dose. This is because trenbolone will increase prostaglandin which will affect the function of the bronchial system. This is also why the so-called "trenbolone cough". But to be honest I understand no drugs can control the side effects, but the side effects are usually beyond the control because the dose is too high. Clenbuterol drugs in this category may have the effect of bronchodilators, but nevertheless controlling dosage is the most important. Generally lower at 600 mg weekly does not cause any significant damage to heart and lung function. Doses of 200 mg per week are harmless. This side effects on heart and lung function after stopping will disappear.


Q: Can I use trenbolone alone?

A: Of course not. You also need at least enough exogenous testosterone injections to ensure the exercise of the normal function of the body. It's known that trenbolone is a potent steroid, it will greatly inhibit the secretion of endogenous testosterone, and the combination with testosterone will be a top priority.


Q: Can I take trenbolone in my first cycle?

A: I do not recommend doing this. Trenbolone is a very strong male hormone and anabolic steroid, while its side effects with other drugs are not the same. Normally, if you don't have enough experience, the impulse of the consequences of using trenbolone are causing unnecessary damage to yourself. Of course, some people are smart, they have studied in detail before using steroids-related knowledge and increases well in the early cycles, but this is the exception.

My opinion is the best for a first cycle only testosterone, DECA or boldenone, testosterone is the basis of all anabolic steroids, is also a substance already exists in the body. Testosterone can achieve very good results is your body's reaction to all the steroids, if your reaction to testosterone is not very good, then probably your reaction to other drugs is more general. After doing two or three basic cycles, you can try a different mix.


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